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I also enjoy discussing things I need to do whilst not working on them!

So, beyond the constant 'I have thirty-plus tags', there is the following. This is just alphabetical as to what's in my Documents folder and does NOT include unstarted ones.

1. Who's Who for PNT. Because Keri likes shiny pictures and descriptions and I'm going to enjoy casting them and have to be told Thorne does not get to be Matthew Settle because the cast of BoB cannot just suddenly become my mining field for OC's.

2. Ash/June/Albert threesome fic from Hustle set when Ash was first brought into the grifting world and Mickey was just a wee 18 year old. The premise is basically that a good grifter, a great one, can charm the pants off anyone and Albie is willing to prove it.

3. Azkadellia's Okay! Part Eleven. I'm waiting on Lu to finish one scene, but I've yet to edit the crap out of the rest of it, so I have to sit down and rearrange sections and do a grammar and spelling check.

4. Amnesia!fic. In which Sam Seaborn has temporary amnesia and I use it as a plot device to explore flashbacks of the first time the Senior Staff all met him. It's 17 pages and is SO close to being done.

5. Arthur-Galahad gen-fic. It's a missing scene from the movie that they took out of the DVD version. In the theatrical one, all the knights are in the woods around a fire before they reach Alecto. Except Galahad and except Arthur. This scene just explains where they were.

6. Belle-app for TR.

7. 'Family' prompt for fanfic100 which uses the whole Ghost of Christmas Past plot device.

8. 'Friends' prompt for fanfic100 which addresses my distaste for House's ignorance of Chase this most recent season.

9. The Hooker Fic. In which Jeb, Cain, Glitch, and a hooker go on an adventure. There's more, but that's the rough of it.

10. Immortal-fic. Details to be released later.

11. Jeb/DG. Sections of 100-word drabbles with mild Cain/Glitch and they just about burned down the palace.

12. Life on Mars fic that addresses the New Years Eves from 1973 until 1981. It became gen.

13. Missing scenes from 'The Longest Battle'. I'm in the midst of the one about Zero's fight about going into the Iron Suit. Then it's sex-dynamics and children-playing. Which are not the same thing.

14. "The Notion of Motion". House/Chase dealing with going from 0 to 65.

15. 2lineschallenge which is going to end up being hurt/comfort Ambrose/Cain.

16. Pest Control Programs. It's a Tin Man fic is all I will say.

17. Queen/Ahamo fic. It's an AU of the actual miniseries because of how I'm involving Ambrose and Cain in it (it restricts him from ever meeting Adora) and deals with how they met, wooed, and eventually married.

18. Wedding Bells & Blues. This is my modern-day Pride and Prejudice AU where I turned a lot on its head. Like Jane getting pregnant.

19. Crossover. Um. Lu and I have a deal. That is all.

20. Zipperporn explains itself.

My schedule?

Today: Albert/Ash/June, Amnesia!fic, 'family' prompt, Hooker fic, Pest Control Programs, crossover.
Tuesday: Queen/Ahamo, Jeb/DG
Wednesday: Amnesia, zipperporn, missing scenes
Thursday: Wedding Bells & Blues, Missing scenes
Friday: Jeb/DG, Pest Control Programs, Queen/Ahamo
Saturday: Amnesia, zipperporn, 'family' prompt.



Oct. 6th, 2008 02:29 pm (UTC)
11. Wait.. who nearly burned down the palace? I want to read this one..

Good luck with the schedule :D
Oct. 6th, 2008 02:32 pm (UTC)
It's unreleased yet, but Glitch has nearly burned down the palace because...well, apparently the story is 'how many ways can Glitch screw up conventional'.
Oct. 6th, 2008 02:33 pm (UTC)
Ahh.. understood :D


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