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*blows off dust*

*proceeds to sneeze*

So, I thought I'd check my list, to see if I could cross anything off....


Damnit, Steve.
It's been ages since I did a good ol' to-do list! Let's compare!

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Best intentions...

Well, when I last posted here I had two Tin Man WIPS to finish, and I still do, and they're the same two.


I will observe, however, that I have put in lots of work on one of them (the magic4mula piece) and while it may be no closer to being finished, that's because it's going to be longer. Since most of my pieces turn out rather short, that makes me happy! It also means beta-ing and rewrites, but that's okay; it will just add to the awesomeness.

Plus, in the meantime, I've done picture-prompts, drabble-prompts, and a challenge-prompt crackfic that I *seriously* enjoyed doing. And two mini Star Trek pieces and a teeny Rat Patrol piece (all from the drabble prompts). It's like that song* - "any writing is good writing, so I took what I could get!"

*You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

'Gift Fic' Project

*glares at To Do list*

My 'Unfinished Projects' Project last month worked well for me.  I think I'll try something like that again, this time fic specific.  As we are approaching the time of fic exchanges...
I proclaim the rest of 2008 for 'Gift Fics'.

Any fic I promised a specific person I'd write, any fics that were for exchanges or challenges that I never finished... they are now bumped up to the top of my To Do list.  Anything that's a new idea or a plot bunny of my own will have to wait.  *looks at list*  That's still a lot.  However, I think it's a more manageable mountain to climb. 

I am declaring the remainder of October in the name of Unfinished Projects.

You know how it is.  There are so many things you know you need to do, and a dozen things you've been wanting to do.  But in the back of your mind - at all hours of the day - there's the running litany of all the things that you need to finish.  For people with anxiety issues (like me) or with issues of depression (like me), this can be a very very bad thing.  

All the random crafty things I've started but not finished, the books I'm in the middle of, the stories that have yet to reach an ending... They will all be completed.  I will not start anything new until this is done.  This includes errands that I have been putting off (like taking my car for an oil change). 

I've read that de-cluttering a work space improves productivity.  Perhaps it is time for a de-cluttering of the brain.  

Anyone want to join me?

First up: the library books that are due soon, and a latch-hook project that's been half done for years.
I also enjoy discussing things I need to do whilst not working on them!

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I'm going to scare myself... I know

Okay.. so now that CaliTin is done... -mini!flail- I can finally take stock of my neverending list of OMG!What was I thinking?!

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EDIT: Updated on 09/05/09

Oh stop me

I posted the following list of "things I have made no progress on" to my LJ earlier today:

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And then found myself wondering if I should embark on/plot a deliberately cracky vampire AU fic. Clearly the answer is "no way in hell" but you know how it is when the idea comes to mind... *tears hair*

Inaugural post

As Mayor of the Munchkin City... *ehem* I mean, as one of the fearless leaders of this wonderful community, I've decided to formally open The Sun Seeder up for business.  Plus, a post will help us fiddle around with the settings and whatnot.

As I can think of nothing else, I present to you my To Do list, reposted from my journal with some new additions.

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You can infer several things from this list. I am an overachiever. I’ve signed up for too many challenges. I’m slowly getting out of the HP world (none of the HP ideas are really new). I like my gen, but do have favorite pairings. Wow.  And I suck at giving fics.

This does not include my Sooper Sekrit Projects. I’m trying to get together something for a Tin Man comic involving Jeb Cain as a Batman-type hero. Alas, I cannot find an artist. I have several really cool writers lined up, though. I really wish I had more practice with drawing…I AM WORKING ON THE DRAWING THING AS WE SPEAK.  OMG.  Are you all still interested?  OOoo, do you think pennies_4_eyes  would be interested?

The second Project is for Band of Brothers. This is Top Secret. It involves me, Cricket, and Skew. It is cracktastic. That’s all you’ll get out of me. *evil laugh*

I can't believe I'm still into Harry Potter.

Anyone else want to share?

*looks at list*  Crap.  I'm depressed now.